Make an extensively customizable image of your tweet with TwNFT and then mint it as an NFT directly from the app!

I was new to web3 when I made TwNFT but then there was Thirdweb so that I did not have to break my head writing Solidity and then not burn my computer down when I would mess up. I wanted to make something related to web3 and this was one of the ideas that I had at that time (and it was the best one). I built TwNFT as a part of the Thirdweb x Hashnode Hackathon (and it turned out to be one of the winners :) ). As of now, there are 81 TwNFTs minted by 73 people (including me). You can see the TwNFT Collection here .

For more details on TwNFT and how to use it, read my blog post introducing TwNFT